Bay Cities 99s

The Ninety-Nines, Inc.
International Organization of Women Pilots

Chartered: March 2, 1932
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2021-2023 Board of Directors

  • Chapter Chair: Christine Oksas
  • Vice Chair: Lydia Royaute
  • Secretary: Bharti Solanki
  • Treasurer: Wendy O’Malley
  • Director: Renee Sandell

Recent Member Milestones

Haley – Certified Instrument Instructor!

Christine & Liz – ATP and Jet Type Ratings!

Carolyn – Private Pilot!

Renee & Mandy – Palms to Pines Air Race First Place!

Lyznie – Single Engine Seaplane!

Kelsey – Certified Flight Instructor!

Callie – Multi Engine Instructor!

Private Pilot- Donneisha!

Commercial Pilot – Mandy!