Successful Annual Poker Run – 2016

Bay Cities Poker Run

October 15th was a successful event despite the gusty windy conditions!

Our Annual Poker Run was Saturday, October 15th and it was  blustery day.  We had lots of enthusiasm from the aviation community and generated an additional $500 to add to our 2017 scholarship fund.  Thank you all for coming out and playing with us!


What is a Poker Flight?

A poker flight is a flying poker game. Playing cards are distributed in sealed envelopes at 5 different airports. Many players assemble at the designated “start” airport where each pilot and passenger buys a “hand”. This is not mandatory, your can begin at any airport you want.  Each player can buy as many hands as she wants.  Hands and/or extra cards can be bought at the “end” airport.

Each pilot flies to each airport, picks a card for each “hand” in her plane, and flies on to the next stop until all cards are picked up. Everyone meets up at the designated “end” airport to reveal their hands and claim their prizes.  RHV is our designated airport for this Poker Run.

Registration Information

  • $20/hand – No limit on number of hands

The registration form can be found here: 2016 Poker Run Registration Form

Payment for registration can be made here


Look for a bucket containing poker cards at each airport:

For safety, please shut down aircraft before retrieving your cards.

KRHV – inside Aerodynamic Aviation hangar.

  • Park in Transient Parking outside the terminal (the black colored asphalt by Z either side of G)

  • Aerodynamic Aviation is at the end of Row G (no aircraft turn around space or parking available)

  • Discounted fuel is available for participants

E16 – outside the Magnum Aviation FBO

  • Please review Chart Supplement for noise abatement departure procedures

  • Check for TRFs and fire-fighting NOTAMs


KPAO – on fence outside the Terminal building.

  • Transient parking is on the last row of tie downs Row U at G

  • Park outside the terminal for a quick pick up

  • The terminal area is very busy on Saturday mornings

  • img_0701

KHWD – at the aircraft wash rack, Eastern end of RWY 28L

  • On departure, remember to make an early turn, on RWY 28 commensurate with safety to avoid OAK airspace.

  • Set up for the an event on Sunday will occur.  Please be aware of increased activity in the non-movement area.

  • img_0708

KLVK – on the fence outside the new Terminal building.

  • Be aware of construction activity.

  • img_0703


  • REGISTRATION REQUIRED.  Please complete registration form prior to playing and email to or send photo via sms to (562) 314-7184.

  • Pick up one card at each per hand played.  You are welcome to play more than one hand per person!

  • Visit airports in any order.

  • If you are unable to visit all airports additional cards can be bought from the Dealer at RHV.

  • Envelopes must remain sealed until you play your hand against the Dealer at RHV.

  • For safety, please shut down aircraft before retrieving your cards.

  • Fly safe.  Use flight following when appropriate and review charts and chart supplements for noise abatement procedures.

More Questions?

Email us or call 562-314-7184

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