2021 Spring Scholarship Winners Announced

Bay Cities 2021 Scholarship Recipients

Maki Honda

I love to fly around with my son and hope that one day I will be able to teach him how to fly the beautiful blue skies of California. Thank you, Bay Cities 99s, for this amazing opportunity. Can’t wait to get my IFR rating and be that much closer to reaching my goals!

Athena Chang

I’m a sophomore student and Air Force ROTC cadet at Stanford University studying mechanical engineering. My long-term goal after commissioning into the Air Force is to fly fighter jets, attend Test Pilot School, and shoot my shot at becoming an astronaut. I’m so thankful for the Bay Cities 99s for believing in me as I pursue my PPL this year!

Grace Lin

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”! I’ve always dreamt to become a pilot, but never thought I had the time or opportunity to explore this option. I’m currently an Operations Agent for Southwest Airlines but I decided to pursue this BIG dream to become a Commercial Airline Pilot! I recently got accepted into Southwest’s Pilot Program, and with the help of Bay Cities 99s I’m able to work towards that goal. I am forever grateful for every pilot and all the lady aviators who helped and inspired me get to my starting point. I’m beyond excited to start this journey!

Jae Grossi

I began my pilot journey by joining the Bay Cities Chapter of the 99s in February of 2020. Since then, I have been balancing my private pilot training with pandemic response work as a member of the Health Emergency Response Unit of Contra Costa County. I hope to use my background in education and continue my pilot training to become a Certified Flight Instructor and help other aspiring aviators achieve their dreams.

Paulina Umanski

I discovered the wonderful world of aviation in my teens through my lifelong passion for space exploration.  I plan on using what I learn as a pilot, along with my studies at UC Berkeley, to enable space exploration someday.  And, I’d love to become a CFI so that I can share my love for aviation and encourage people to pursue their dreams.  Thank you to the wonderful Bay Cities 99s for their support and encouragement.

Kate Korolevskaya

I’m an instrument student pilot pursuing my dream of making flying my career. I hope to explore all the quaint little airports of the world, and meet new pilots who are as passionate about aviation as I am. I remain ever grateful for the support I receive from my community, and hope to help lift the next generation of women pilots into the sky.

Lydia Royaute

I am truly grateful for the Bay Cities 99s offering and winning the advanced rating scholarship. This scholarship will help tremendously in continuing flight training to earn my instrument rating. I’m excited for the learning moments, challenges, fun times, and what the future holds along my aviation journey. Thank you again.