Why Join the 99s?

Why Women Pilots Should Join The Ninety-Nines!

By past and present Bay Cities Chapter members

Louise, Private Pilot, aircraft owner

(After attending a Section Convention)  It so happened that weekend marked one year of having my pilots license and one year being a Ninety-nine, which I was able to share with the whole group. I typically shy away from joining organizations, but this one has brought me such joy. I felt like I could have spent hours with any ONE person, just hearing their flying experiences. That does not happen often in a group. I am looking forward to helping host our section meeting so it can be a meaningful experience for other pilots.
Happy full thankful heart. Let’s fly!

Ashley, Private Pilot, Graduate Student in Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering at Stanford University
The 99s offer camaraderie: you always have friends wherever you go, you start conversations with people you probably wouldn’t have otherwise and get to hear about experiences both similar to and different from your own in life and in flight. You realize you aren’t the only woman looking up when you hear a plane fly overhead.

The 99s offer support and encouragement. The first 99 I met invited me to a meeting. After about 15 minutes of talking to her, I decided to join. I had been under the impression that the 99s was a “little old ladies club,” which is so far from the truth. While the 99s has some older members, they tend to be the ones that made record-setting flights, or raised a family of 6 and still found time to fly. The 99s are amazing women!

Kath, Private Pilot with Instrument Rating, Semi-retired
To work with other woman pilots in supporting general aviation. To share flying and travel adventures with like-minded women. Winging Parties and Section Meetings are awesome!
Marina, now a member of the Phoenix Chapter, ATP (Helicopter), Professional Helicopter Pilot
Tapping into the enormous depth of talent offered in Ninety-Nines membership has been the single most important action I have taken in the development of my career. I not only reap the benefits of worldwide networking relationships but also find true pride and honor as a member.

In the early years as a 99, I only went to the meetings and a few fly-outs and hangar parties. But when I helped create the 99s room at the local museum I finally learned what everyone else was talking about; the feeling you have when you get more involved. It was a blast! The more you get to know each other and the more you do to learn about who we all are as 99s, the more rewards you receive.

I heard it a thousand times, “go to the section meetings, they are so wonderful.” My first big 99s meeting was the International Conference in San Diego. I only went because I was being presented with a scholarship and my chapter chair was letting me stay with her for free. All I had to pay for was the flight over. What a turning point in my life! I have not missed an International Conference since, and I’ve also attended Section Meetings (and even contributed to the efforts of hosting one).

I also have been taking advantage of our 99s directory. Going somewhere you know no one, look up the chapter, you have friends you didn’t even know about! I have had numerous strangers open up their homes, their hearts and their lives to me just because I was a 99. Having family all across this globe is so wonderful and I had no idea until I made the first move and just did it. One thing I have learned about the 99s is that when any of us says, “call me, I’ll help you out”, we all actually mean it.

Judy, Private Pilot, Retired Nurse
First of all I am a Ninety-Nine because of other 99s that let me know about the organization. I feel so proud to be part of an organization that has done so much to preserve the history of women aviators as well as create a support system for women pilots of the future. Camaraderie, learning, sharing, flying fun and promoting aviation. The best part is being able to fly myself to a Section Meeting and getting to know other women pilots.
Kristen, ATP, Airline Pilot
Scholarship opportunities, support during difficult times through networks, meetings and parties to talk to others aviation enthusiasts who understand the language and who get excited for you when you make a good landing, see the sunrise, shoot that first instrument approach to minimums, or achieve another great accomplishment. These women have helped me strive for better for myself. Such amazing women surround us in this group.

Plus, the potlucks are fabulous. 99s sure know how to cook good food and share it with others.

Ninety-Nines International Organization of Women Pilots
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