Why Join the 99s?

Why Women Pilots Should Join The Ninety-Nines!

Bay Cities Chapter Members share some of the reasons they are 99s.

Marilynn, Private Pilot

I joined the Ninety Nines because women pilots are the most interesting people I know. The energy is amazing.  Being around women pilots remind me that I can do absolutely anything!

Amber, Private Pilot, aircraft owner

I joined the 99s in 2008 while I was a student pilot, and it’s been a wonderful experience in every way. I’ve met some truly inspiring women through the 99s, and the friendships that have grown over the years are the best. We’re a unique group of women with specific skills and challenges, and having each other as resources has been fantastic. We support each other functionally and emotionally, flying together when we can, and helping each other through the challenges that can come up during aviation training and employment.

Our chapter offers a yearly scholarship so we can help other women pilots financially as well, and I’ve really enjoyed being the chairman of our scholarship committee and seeing the program grow through the years. Being a pilot is a rewarding and humbling accomplishment, and I am very proud to be a 99 so I can help other women enjoy the amazing experience of being a pilot.

Katie, Private Pilot

I was lucky enough to learn about the 99s shortly after getting into aviation. However, I thought I had to be a private pilot to join. The day I learned I could join as a student pilot, I signed up immediately and never looked back! I’ve been fortunate enough to win scholarships to help pay for my training, make some of the best friendships I’ve ever known, and be a part of something bigger than myself, all while having fun with other like-minded women.

It is incredible to be with women from all walks of life, from 20-year-old student pilots to retired airline captains to women in their 40s waking up one day and deciding they don’t want to wait another second to follow their flying dreams. We continue to lift each other up to accomplish our goals, knowing there’s room for us all to succeed. I love my time spent with the 99s and will be a member for a long time to come.

Mona, Private Pilot

I joined the 99s because I wanted to apply to scholarships; I stayed because I enjoy the camaraderie and sense of belonging even though everything is virtual and I haven’t met anyone in person yet. I’m looking forward to in person meetings, air marking and outreach events. I have been a private pilot since 2020.

Louise, Private Pilot, Instrument rated, aircraft owner

(After attending a Section Convention) It so happened that weekend marked one year of having my pilots license and one year being a Ninety-nine, which I was able to share with the whole group. I typically shy away from joining organizations, but this one has brought me such joy. I felt like I could have spent hours with any ONE person, just hearing their flying experiences. That does not happen often in a group. I am looking forward to helping host our section meeting so it can be a meaningful experience for other pilots.

Happy full thankful heart. Let’s fly!

Kath, Private Pilot with Instrument Rating, Semi-retired

To work with other woman pilots in supporting general aviation. To share flying and travel adventures with like-minded women. Winging Parties and Section Meetings are awesome!

Private Pilot, Retired Nurse

First of all I am a Ninety-Nine because of other 99s that let me know about the organization. I feel so proud to be part of an organization that has done so much to preserve the history of women aviators as well as create a support system for women pilots of the future. Camaraderie, learning, sharing, flying fun and promoting aviation. The best part is being able to fly myself to a Section Meeting and getting to know other women pilots.

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